Budvietas Ltd is an umbrella company that allows Peter and Roberta Budvietas to have FUN, FUNDS and FITNESS.

Our Manifesto and Purposeful Living are based on the following:

The Websites and Social Media where you can find us include:

BUDZ Business Services. On this site we post information relating to Stewardship (the stuff that makes a business work long term including governance materials), Systems (where we post about the systems you need today especially around service and information) and Relationships (where we discuss conversations, purpose, archetypes, and clearing communication blockages)

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Success Thieves . Working with business owners for the last 40 years + one of things we know is that there are words, concepts and beliefs that STEAL success. They need to be guarded against but you can only be aware of what you know so the postings here are observational, both personal and business related on those ideas, concepts and words that stop success for people who deserve the success if only they were more aware of what was happening around them.

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A Grandfather’s Musings. Peter’s observations on life and what is happening and how the lack of purpose is creating challenges for people to live a meaningful life.

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Amazon has a range of our ebooks to help business owners in Kindle format. Click on the picture to connect to the book on Amazon for more information on the content:

10 Critical Characteristics of Business

10 Critical Characteristics of Business

Business Development Machine

Eat the Rhino, Business Planning

Buying a Franchise

Who Stole My Success? Tales to stop your success thieves