Budvietas Ltd is the parent company for BUDZ Business Services and the Purposeful Living Paradigm implementation for Business owners and their staff. Roberta also manages the site to Stop Success Thieves. You can find the Purposeful Living Paradigm information here. Two other Facebook Pages are Success Thieves and BUDZ Services.

The url allows us to connect our family members through a common email address and if you can spell our name then you can email most of the family at any time.

Peter and Roberta Budvietas as the directors of Budvietas Ltd.

  • Peter is a writer, thought leader and creative stirrer.
  • Roberta writes, mentors and provides a diversity of services including company director, advisor and trainer.

Together they have helped over 1000 business to start, stop and grow their businesses.

Companies they have worked with include:

Retailers, Manufacturers, Government Departments, Hospitals, Tertiary Education, Importers, Exporters, Farmers, Service people, Alternate health providers.

Because of their experiences they have authored over 12 books several of which are still available on Amazon as ebooks.:

If your business wants to grow with purpose and experience better stewardship, relationships and growth please contact us and ask if we can help you.