Why should you contact Budvietas Ltd?

  1. You need to know that your fundamentals are correct, working for your business, your customers and you.
  2. You need more Funds to grow your business. That includes extra resources as well as cash.
  3. You want to have more fun doing business.

Peter and Roberta Budvietas have experience in education. Marketing, technology, administration, governance and most other aspects of running Mom and Pop businesses or larger business either in the local or international marketplace.

While retired, Roberta mentors business owners Mentoring means working with the owner to find solutions that fit with them and their staff.

Peter and Roberta are authors of several eBooks including

Who Stole My Success. An eBook designed to help you if success is eluding you. Identify the behaviours and ideas that could be limiting your success. Change your mind and

Roberta mentors businesses and non-profits acting as an advisor or support person when necessary. She helps businesses set up basic systems to manage the important relationships like money and people.

If you would like help with your business please contact Roberta on Skype rgbudvietas with a brief summary of why you need help.